Thursday, July 31, 2008

{hairclips, ribbons and bows, oh my!}

Aria has recently started to acquire clips from Grandma and others, I've also made some. Thus I found a NEED for somewhere to put them. Somewhere accessible, but not ugly. So I used some stuff that I had around the house and got creative. When I was little I remember my Mom hanging ribbon from little rings and our bows would clip right onto them. That was when the bows were ENORMOUS! Hopefully to compete with our huge bangs. but I thought, I should do something like that. Thus, this is a magnent board, it's what I had, but you could use almost any piece of painted wood, cardboard, styrofoam. Anything would work. There are two holes drilled up at the top. Then I had tons of little scraps of ribbon hanging around. I save EVERYTHING. I'm sort of a pack rat, but I'm sure many of you have ribbon lying around. I did it in the colors of Aria's room, pink green and brown. and voila. I wove them like a basket and hot glued the edges to the back. Thus I get a checkerboard on which to display her clips! Now it hangs right inside her bedroom. Easy and functional!
Cost: Free!


Snostreblog said...

You are absolutely brilliant! This is adorable!

Rae said...

You are so creative! Love it!

Lyssa said...

That is so cute and very creative!! I love this idea!!


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