Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{my new baby}

So we have a new camera!.... yeah, a nice one! yay! I'm so excited about it.
Nate took this and I swear I wasn't posing, but it kind of looks like I am.... This is the only picture of me pregnant that I actually think I look okay pregnant... :)

Do you ever catch the one you love unawares and they just look really good. Here he is just stacking some blocks for kubb, but the sun was just right and I just love him... that's all there is to it.
Finally, my bro is putting his papers in. I did my first 'real' photo shoot so that he could have a nice photo for his papers. Pretty handsome dude, eh? I was pretty proud that I shot this in manual.


Errin said...

wow, awesome pics. what kind of camera did you get?

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

Love that picture of you! BEATIFUL! And awesome pics of your bro!

What camera did you get :)

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

My Fave Lens has got to be my 50mm. I shoot nikon, so our lenses will be abit different. HOWEVER THE 50mm! EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE! They are awesome! AND so affordable!! Let me know if you end up getting one :D

Errin said...

Hey!! So a few good locations for your brothers pics would maybe be like the Brigham Young Home, or maybe like Main Street or that Ally way I was using is right by the electric theater, and there is also that new parking garage right across from the electric theater that is fun to shoot at as well! I love all those spots. Or even Ancestor Square! I cant wait to see what you come up with, i bet they will be awesome, good luck! :)


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