Saturday, June 27, 2009

{retro rainbow outlook}

In need of a change on the other blog too. Decided to give everything a retro look. This time I went with these retro rainbows:Altered their colors with the paint can in photoshop. Made it so that it could be tiled seamlessly

I used this tutorial to make this photo look retro. taken by becky earl
Note that I also dedicated our music to the 'retro' awesomeness of Michael Jackson.

Other notes: You can get rid of the blogger banner as demonstrated here
You can change your font as shown here

Hope you enjoy! I LOVe it!


Genevieve and Ryan Davis said...

Looks great! When are you leaving on your trip?

Errin said...

its so cute! Where is that place in your family pic? Is it in vegas or st george?

Errin said...

Ya, If I ever do pics in vegas I will need you to tell me where that great spots at. As for the babes name they pernounce it like the spanish TRES as in uno, dos, tres. only without the uno and dos! :)

Errin said...

I know huh, do you like how you can see every freckle etc? I think its kind of cool too. So get a photo and in photoshop make a black and white layer and then overlay the layer.. try it and if that doesnt make sense i will try and explain better. but thats basicly it!


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