Tuesday, March 3, 2009

{little black.... frame?}

Yes, let's face it, I'm poor... the whole world is poor.... So I'm trying to beautify my home with nearly no money. I wanted to do something romantic, esthetic and with no money. I had some old frames lying around and a few things that I loved so I decided to create a montage of pictures. I used my SIL's tutorial and had a great time doing this. I loved especially creating the collages because it reminded me of some things that I had forgotten about. I simply gathered up some old frames and painted them with a 97 cent can of spray paint.

In this one there's a comic about what Nate and I call the 'knee test'. You touch your knee against the person who you like's knee and then see their reaction. If they move away, they are not comfortable touching you or they do not like you. If they leave it there, you know it's touching, they know it's touching but neither of you say anything, but you are accepting an open invitation to touch.... The polar bears are a card that Nate gave me that says really nice things, but the caption inside reads 'you're my favorite pillow.'. Nate would ALWAYS leave notes around with little drawings on them. One of them is the first note he ever wrote me. Nate still keeps my notes in his wallet....

I gave Nate the Where there is love there is life card when I was missing him while he was away at his Grandmother's funeral. There was obviously love in his family and I could see it in his eyes. And because there was love, there was LIFE.... 2nd note he ever gave me and a picture of us dancing at our wedding. I LOVED this moment.

I also wanted to brag for a moment... isn't my husband an excellent artist?


Jasmine said...

How fun! I've wanted to do something like that, but most of our mementos are in storage in Utah. :( It looks great!

Rachel said...

Holy Cow! I've never seen Nate do anything so realistic before!! I always knew he was awesome--but what a fun reminder!


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