Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I LOVE this new 'head board'! I've only had it up for one day, but I think it looks great. I bought a tan sheet from Walmart for 2.77 and started painting that beloved motif on it months ago. I've got two panels just like them now. It took me FOREVER. I got so tired with it that I finally put it away and just now broke it out again. I backed it with the white fabric that I found in my Grandma's closet. LOVE free fabric... especially white and then I bought some flannel sheets at target that were on CLEARANCE for 3.77. The color ended up matching perfectly. Last Saturday I bought a 93 cent PVC pipe, a couple of nails and voila. You have a magical headboard. and now I LOVE the green side of my bedspread. I think it may have been just a little too much green for me before. I'm thinking about painting the same (but larger) motif on the bedspread, what do you think?
p.s. don't you love my new lamps and bedstands? Thanks Mom!


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

YOUR ROOM IS SOOOO CUTE!!! Wow... seriously I think you would cry if you saw my room :S But seriously cute idea!!!!

Genevieve Davis said...

It looks really good! Someday you are going to have your own show on TV on how to make amazing home decorations under $10! Your room looks awesome!

Rachel said...

You are awesome! Love the painting. I think it would look great on the bedspread too (if you're bold enough to try--I would be so scared!! But I bet you can do it!)

So cute. you rock.

Rachel said...

ps--love the new header to your blog too!!

Refugee Crafter said...

Love the headboard! (And the nightstands and lamps too!) Rae's right, you rock!


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