Wednesday, November 12, 2008

{The Story of Edgar Sawtelle}

I am sad that I returned this book before I got a chance to review it because there was one particular statement that the main girl, Trudy, made when she was reflecting on the things that had happened in her life. She made the comment that she had to have death in her life in order for her to appreciate her life. That by having so much loss she was able to live her life more fully. I think that this has some definite validations in my beliefs. Everything must have its opposite. I know that we would not appreciate the resurrection of our bodies with our spirits as much had we not experienced some form of death. I am so grateful that everything has its opposite and that we can be happy and sad and that we can experience truth. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As for the book - kind of depressing. I loved the connection that Edgar Sawtelle had with his dog Almondine. I also loved his connection to words, but I really felt that there should have been a stronger connection between him and his family. I always wanted to know what happened throughout the whole thing - but I really do prefer books to have happy endings. This one just made me sad. I hope that when Oprah discusses it she has some form of insight on it so that I can appreciate it as much as she appears to.

Let me know what you thought if you've read it.

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Kimbo said...

Read it and I hated it. And I'm usually not a hard sale. Anyways I kept hoping for it's moment of greatness, but I finished the last page and felt a little jipped. I too enjoyed the love of Edgar and his dog and the development of his character and the things he went through, but overall I was not impressed. Overall I think Oprah and I have different tastes in books. Oh well :) I'm now reading The Road. Have you read that yet? It's pretty good so far.


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