Tuesday, November 11, 2008

{phantom of the opera - a little late}

Guess what! A First for me I MADE our costumes! I Don't think that I will ever attempt this many pieces in one year again. Luckily these things can probably be used for other costumes down the line - or we can just be phantom of the opera every year... jk

I am wearing 7 pieces and Nate is wearing 4. I made 4 of mine and 2 of Nate's. To Best follow the movie and still maintain modesty I had to wear a 'shade' shirt and a lace chemise. The lace chemise is of my own design - an old curtain folded in half then stiched down the sides then trimmed with extra lace at the arms and neck.That was then topped with a corset that I got on ebay.

Then I was getting down to the last wire when I was making these skirts so I just cut out the basic shape for my skirt - and then it tied in the back. I made two of these one for the under 'white' and the other out of the lace curtain from before. I liked the overlay effect. It had a small train.just hemmed at the bottom and at the top.

The hardest thing on my costume was the robe. made out of an old shower curtain from DI and more of the lace curtain. meant to be this: I looked everywhere for a robe pattern that would be similar so resorted to a costume medieval pattern. However it didn't have any sleeves so I used the sleeves from a different pattern and just attached them to the robe. Made them 3/4 length and attached pre-made billowy lace. p.s. lace can be expensive. This costume means a lot to me because my Grandmother passed away a little over a month ago and she was an avid sewer. My costume is made entirely out of lace given to me from her.

Doesn't he make a great phantom?
I made his suit coat - tails and everything! I think it looks great on him. Not high quality enough to wear to church but sure looks great as a costume. I didn't use the appropriate interfacing or lining, but it's good enough and I think he looks great. On a side note, I have to say that this was one of the hardest patterns I've ever done... True to the nature of the period. pleats where they're not needed extra junk.... yuck. I left a lot of it out.

For Aria's costume I borrowed the monkey jacket from my wonderful sis-in-law and she got it from Old Navy - great costume for kids who live in cold weather. Too hot for Las Vegas, but SO cute. I wanted Aria to be a musical monkey though, so I made her little cymbals to mimick the movie. cymbals: 2 small paper plates spray painted gold. fancy ribbon threaded through for the handles. voila! She doesn't like me to take pictures of her, so here she is running away saying haha you can't catch me. I love her.

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