Thursday, June 5, 2008

{tell me what you think}

It has fallen to me and Chelsea's future sister-in-law Adrienne to decide on a 'maid of honor' dress that we can both wear. Without seeing them on, what do you think!
The skirt is the perfect color, and we'd wear it with some nice white shirt of choice. The other bridesmaids are wearing a shirt of that color, I think, with white skirts.

I love the cut of the floral pattern dress, but not sure about the pattern.

I also love the cut and the color of the peachy dress, but we might need more of a sleeve than that.

I've ordered all of them and we're going to try them on, but I thought I'd ask everyone else... What do you vote?


Kimbo said...

My vote is #3, #1, then #2. I like the simple peach dress the best. Hope it looks good on. I'm excited to hear who the winner is.

Snostreblog said...

I vote 2, then 3, then 1. I love 3, but with all the dancing and hugging at receptions, you might find yourself having to adjust the sleeves and neck of #3 all the time and feel rather uncomfortable. #1 doesn't seem quite formal enough. I love the cut of #2, but I suggest adding a pink sash or belt to spice it up. You might even be able to find a belt like #3.

Ryan and Genevieve said...

My vote is #1, #3 and then #2. They are all really cute, I can see why you've been having an hard time deciding. I like #1 the most because the color is very striking and bright, if you bought a nice shirt and shoes to match I think it would look great, probably be the most comfortable to. But the other two look good as well. Good luck!

n8 and Aubrey said...

My vote is #3, #1, then #2. love N8.

Anonymous said...

I say #1, #3, then #2. Love the color of the skirt! It would look so cute with some sassy heels!

Ben & Kirsten said...

I vote 1, 3,2. mostly cuz I like how easy it was to have skirts for my sisters for my wedding. They are easier to fit and adjust rather than a full dress. And it gives people the opportunity to maybe pick their own shirt as long as it fits the color scheme??? But I do like the dresses too...I agree I don't like the pattern on #2. So good luck! And sorry bout your finger! I did that with a tomato dicer when I worked at Papa Murphy's in high school--remember? EW. they glued it shut for me too :) I was glad cuz I hate stitches!!

Ash & Aust said...

I am liking the Skirt :) BUt hey! :) Your choice is what is the most important I would say :)


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