Sunday, June 15, 2008

{father's day cards}

Tabi, my sister-in-law clued me into a few ideas for these next cards. I tried stitching in paper! It worked fabulously and it gave it a beautiful 3 dimensional look. I took a pre-made blank card and turned into a fun and chic 'dad' card!

She also clued me into a website that had ideas for card making and scrapbooking. I got my idea for this one from The orange polka-dot pattern and the orange bow is leftover from the front of a card someone gave me for my birthday. It can really tough to store all the leftover cards but it can really pay off when you get something cute like this out of it.

This final card is for Aria's Daddy. I'm going to let Aria color wherever she wants on it, so I wanted lots of open space so that hopefully I could write something meaningful as well. I love patterns!

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Ash & Aust said...

Those cards are so cute! I have a sister in law who is really into that kinda stuff. I have tried, but I don't think I have the time to put into thinking about those kinds of things yet :) SOMEDAY FOR SURE!


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