Thursday, June 5, 2008

{at fourteen months}

~Dances by turning around and moving her feet really fast in place
~Loves to eat hot dogs, bananas and whole apples and strawberries, green beans and broccoli trees.
~Will bark like a dog, make a monkey sound and roar like a lion.
~Will imitate anything when in the right mood. Will even plug her nose for 'PU!'
~Words: Mama, Dadda, Baby, 'Awww' means I love you, ball, hat, bear, cracker, cookie, drink, done, amen, Grandpa, Grandma, pretty, mmmm, yeah, stinky, uh-oh, yucky, book, Vroom... means car.
~Will give loves willingly and loves to make the fishy face when giving kisses.
~Still loves to take off her shoes when possible.
~She's grown - she can reach pretty far up on the desk and she's found my jewelry box. I had no idea she was that tall!
~Still brings us lots of joy!
~Favorite book: My First Numbers Book

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