Friday, May 9, 2008

{Thank You Pettit's!}

I have lately enjoyed making cards to send to people. I bought the little packet of papers, cutouts and vellums for $1 at Joann's and I bought a pack of cards to match. This way It costs me about 25 cents a card and it becomes more meaningful because I feel like I actually get to have an impact on what I'm trying to say. This was a Thank you card for Grandma Julie. We had such a blast with them we wanted to tell them so. The flowers were printed on paper and then I folded them like a snowflake to give them a more full look. The back is just green striped paper to give it the appearance of stems, or grass or whatever. Then we left plenty of room on the inside to include any special thoughts - The best part of sending or receiving a card. Knowing that someone loves you.


Snostreblog said...

Cute card Aubs! If you ever need card ideas, try Noelle showed it to me. It's got such darling stuff.

Kimbo said...

I love that idea!!! I should get into card making too. You are the cutest little mom/housewife ever.


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