Friday, May 9, 2008


I wish I had a before picture for this one. It's hilarious! Notice the flowers behind the card. I put these together. When Grandma Julie was here, she bought me some flowers that were lovely! Right after they left we had to go to St. George for a family reunion. So I took my Potted flowers with me to keep them alive. On the way back we had them sitting on the back seat next to Aria. We were traveling in the dark so we couldn't necessarily tell what was going on. When we got home we opened the door and the light turned on. Aria was covered in pink petals, some of which were in her mouth! The entire center section of my potted flowers was destroyed, or rather missing. In my attempts to find out if this flower was poisonous, I noted that they said it was a good cutting flower because it had strong stems. So I thought, it won't last as long, but at least it will look decent on display. So here you are... My little arrangement, that I think is adorable and reminds me of my trouble maker Aria every time I see it.

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