Friday, May 30, 2008

{The Devil in the White City}

by Erik Larson

I couldn't believe the amazement and awe that this world fair created. It was a historical novel about the world fair in Chicago. They were architecturally trying to out-do the Eiffel tower. Everything had to be biger and better than any other building they'd ever seen. In addition, they only had a short time to do it.I think it turned out beautifully!

But they still didn't have that one building to 'out-do' the Eiffel tower. So Ferris came up with this idea... With the descriptions of this grand sight, I don't think I will ever look at a Ferris wheel quite the same. The original was MASSIVE ... it held 200 people per car and there were 24 cars. Something like that - but HUGE!!! I am truly in awe at what a revolutionary idea it was.The more intriguing part of the Story was the murderer.... H. H. Holmes. Set up a hotel in this city where he only rent out rooms to young single women, lured them with their charm and then gassed them, killed them, disected them. MORBID. All in 'Holmes' castle'. I still can't quite understand the thought process. He claimed that after he was caught and in prison that he was beginning to acquire physical features of the Devil himself. Some believe that he was because after he died, those that turned him in had freak 'accidents' happen to them.

Overall, was not addicting, but interesting. Maybe had a few nightmares from it. Who knows?

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Allison said...

Hey Aubrey,
It's Allison--Kim's sister. I saw that you were on Kim's blog so I had to come check it out. You should check out my blog, it's posted on Kim's list. I may just add your blog to my list, too! :) Your little daughter is beautiful. How are things going for you and Nate? Where do you live nowadays?


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