Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When you're really poor you spend a lot of time and not a lot of money... and this is what you get. We really wanted to make our family night a little more structured so this is where we started.
We had some extra pieces leftover from some store-bought furniture. This was originally a drawer bottom. It's sturdy, lightweight, and I didn't have to paint it black. I wanted it to be a magnet board... because I thought that would be easier... so I bought two tin shingles from the local hardware store. 88 cents each or something like that. Spent a lot of time trying to cut metal with the wrong tools. exacto knives... hammer, nails... turned out okay but I wouldn't recommend it... eek! Had some stickers lying around and put those on the shingles... Song, Lesson, Activity, Prayer and Yum.
Purchased the 3 little circles because I figured I could always get more circles... 25 cents each. Love the Spray Paint... bought red and black spray paint... 96 cents each. Use them for a lot of projects, but happened to have to replenish their supply for this one.
Made my own stencils with packaging tape and paper to make the family and then free-handed the pettit. Taped off the lines for the 'frame' spray painted. Drilled holes to hang it from and voila! Wow, Just typing that was a lot of work. I LOVE how it turned out. Hope you can at least get some inspiration from it.

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Rae said...

You are so creative! Good job. Very cute. And very thrifty. Love it!


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