Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a mommy moment

Today, about 2:00 I say
'Aria, are you about ready for your nap?'

She responds with her usual... '!...'
I usually have to warm her up to the idea of taking a nap, so I ask her the same question several times before I actually carry it out.

Not today... a few minutes later, I hear her yelling something from her bedroom.
I go in to check on her and she's closed the door to her bedroom, climbed into her crib, has her binky in her mouth and looks at me and says 'take a nap!'
This surprised me on two levels. She's never climbed into her crib before. and two, she doesn't willingly go down for a nap very often.
I love my baby!

Also a few weeks ago when we were getting ready for church, this is what she did with her dollies. I was determined that she not have an attached bear/doll or blanket.... So she compensated by being attached to all bears/dolls and blankets. She just loves to play and sleep with them.Isn't her dress beautiful? I love the colors, it reminds me of my Grandma Swallow. She got this dress from her Indian Friend Dhaya for her birthday. She loves it.


Errin said...

She is so cute, I love that first pic of you two!

Kate said...

I also love that first picture, you look gorgeous! That is exciting news about the nap, she is adorable.

Raquel said...

That is so sweet! I shoot with the Canon 5D. I love it but of course now they have come out with an even more awesome one! :)

Shawn, Hayley and Jack said...

WOW I just looked through your blog and you are so creative, you inspired me to do more! I have a nice camera but I need to sit down and learn how to use photo shop! Thanks for all of you tips with your pictures. I think I am going to sit down right now and play with photo shop! Oh and by the way your little girl is a doll!

Rachel said...

Cute dress! I love that. Lizzy loves her 'fancy dresses' now (not that she would even consider them at that age. . . too 'scratchy.') But now, she thinks it's so cool to be in something fancy. So cute.


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