Saturday, April 18, 2009

{my little doll}

Seriously - it's so hard to photograph your own child without someone else there helping you. Aria and I had so much fun though. Check out my other blog for what made this outing exciting on a whole other level.

Hat is an AWESOME birthday gift from Aunt Tabi. Her Aunt Tabi knows her too well. Great job girl! She loves it!

I would love any criticism or praise for these photos. I'm trying to improve as a photographer, so let me know if there are any errors you see.


David and Amy said...

Oh my goodness Aubrey, you are so talented! These pictures are all just beautiful!

Errin said...

Oh my! The 2nd one is my fav. and the third one too. good job! What photoshop do you have?

Alicia and my boys said...

I think you do a GREAT job! Those are great shots and I love the color and lighting in all of them!

Ashlee said...

I think that they are great! Maybe I will come and visit and you can take our family pictures! I LOVE the hat!

Refugee Crafter said...

I'm so glad she likes it! She looks adorable in it!

My favorite pic is the one with Aria eating the cookie. Angle is perfect, right on her level, cropped close so that she is really the focus and I can see that fabulous expression! I can tell just how delicious that cookie is. Plus, I love that summer twilight feel you've given it. My other faves are the one taken from above, and the ones by the door and windows. The color is so nice.

Your pics are great, and you are a PRO at photoshop. Luh-uv the effects!

Here's my advise as far are taking pictures of your own children goes, especially when they are little like ours: Let go a little, concentrate on just capturing them doing the things they do, don't worry about posing them so much. Not that you shouldn't try, but it can be frustrating at times and you want a picture session to be enjoyable for you and your kids. Oh and take tons of pictures, it's easy to delete the bad ones, and you're bound to get a few good 'uns.

Refugee Crafter said...

Sorry...guess I should have written an email!

devinandamie said...

so I like the second one and the third one and the one where she is eating a cookie and the one where she is by the tree! Well those are my favorite but they are all so good. Love the color of the door and window. Course it's easy when you have a beauty like aria to take pictures of. so i give you NO credit. just kidding. (kind of). Sorry I have no advice, I am in need to learn from you. i just have opinions. And my opinion is love em. Especially the ones that show personality. I would love criticism on my photographs from people like you that know what you are talking about. Amie

Rae said...

I think they're beautiful!


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