Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Lately, I am IN LOVE with damask. In case you can't tell, and because it's my husbands birthday on St. Patrick's Day - What better way to celebrate than by making my blog GREEN!!!

I've recently discovered flickr... a great site to get free pictures that other people have taken or loaded up.... make sure you read the agreements though.

For the background I used This image from flickr. I selected all the greens with my dropper and then changed the hue -14 and saturation +1. Then I added another brightness/contrast layer and changed them to Brightness: -19 and Contrast +22. Then I burned around the edges and then resized it to fit best on your web screen.

For the header I took a picture of myself and then borrowed this image from flickr. I put the cream damask on top and then changed the layer filter to overlay
I erased away my body and face with a soft eraser. Then in between these layers I added a Hue/Saturation Layer and changed Saturation -86 and Lightness +11. Then I added a photo filter layer sepia with Density at 80% - luminosity is checked.

Then I magnetic lassoed me and added a brightness/contrast layer to just me. Other wise the las vegas would show through the overlay layer. Brightness +14 and Contrast +22. Added the text, burned the edges and voila! I had a lot of fun making this.

1 comment:

Refugee Crafter said...

Love it. And totally know what you mean about damask. I'm in love.


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