Friday, January 2, 2009


by Stephen R. Lawhead

another breathtaking book in the King Raven Series (#2)
I loved this book. It even threw in a little romance but that was tastefully done. This was actually one of my favorite parts of the book because of how well he describes the true majesty of this particular situation. Written from Will Scarlet's perspective:
Will's new wife says, "It is lovely - just as I always hoped it would be."
"And so, my lady, are you," pulling her close, kissed her with the first of countless kisses.
As for the rest, I need not say more. If you have ever loved anyone, then you will know full well. If not, then nothing I can say will enlighten you.

Never was a statement so true.

On a recent trip that I've taken there was a whole bunch of assuming things about other people that created huge havoc. In this book there was a baroness that absolutely hated the Welsh. She wanted nothing to do with them - thought they were the scum of the earth. The Welsh king had died and her husband asked her to accompany him when he went. She grudgingly went and did not want to associate:

"The baroness, although unable to understand anything that was said around her - or perhaps because of it - began watching these courtesies intently. What she saw was a people, whether highborn or low, who seemed to enjoy one another's company and, crude as they undeniably were, revelled in the occasion. A time of sadness, of couse, yet the funeral room rang with almost continual laughter. In spite of any previous notions, she found herself drawn to the unabashed sincerity of these folk and was moved by their honest displays of kindness and fellowship....
The mourners paused to remove their shoes before entering the churchyard, which Lady Agnes considered very odd; but entering the holy precince barefoot stirred her sould more profoundly than anything which had happened thus far.... It was simple, but genuine and heartfelt, and the sincerity of the people winsome. Agnes, more intensely affected by the experience than she could possibly have imagined, became very thoughtful and silent on the way back to the caer."

I guess that my thought is that if you will take the chance to get to know people you can finally begin to understand that they are really not all that different from you. We all have things in common, it's just a matter of learning to accept people, despite their inperfections, forgiving them, and learning to love their strengths. I feel that that is one of the main things i'm going to remember learning about this Christmas season.

Read this book! Start with Hood and then read Scarlet - Tuck(the 3rd book) is supposed to come out this year. I can't wait!

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