Monday, October 13, 2008

{new jewely 'box'}

Okay, so last week, I think I took on too many projects. About Tuesday, I decided, I hate my room's setup. I recently raised my bed up, and I hated that our heads were RIGHT BY the window. So I needed to move it. In the middle of moving it, I decided, I hate the color of my dresser, Let's add something funky to it. I also had previously been storing my jewelry on a lower shelf and it was a total disaster. Aria was into it about every other day. I've been on the lookout for a worthy jewelry box, but I had been unable to find anything that I loved or that would fit in my lovely cubbies. Let me just say that I LOVE the new setup for my room - (will post pictures later) and I LOVE my new jewelry box and I LOVE my new dresser - it's not quite finished on the outside, so I'll post pictures of those when I get more paint. I used tape to make these definitive lines and tghen waited for it to dry before I pulled the tape off. Now it looks less like I taped it and more raw. Then I pounded nails into the sides of this cubby to hang necklaces on. Then I painted the bottom and the top of each cubby.I pulled the insert out of my old 80s jewelry box, kept my japanese box for spare beads or broken necklaces and my japanese dish for bracelets and voila! brand new jewelry box!

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