Tuesday, September 2, 2008

{Breaking Dawn}

by Stephenie Meyer
So after having read the book I've happened upon a lot of reviews. I've determined that there's two ways to look at this book.

1. If you're reading this and thinking that this is real life - you're wrong. True love is always a mix between Edward and Jacob. You should never have one or the other. Love is NOT and I repeat NOT only physical attraction. I wish the book could have related some sort of 'talking' between Bella and Edward. I would have felt better about their relationship if there was something in between. You CAN be physically attracted AND be 'best friends' with the person you marry. However, They won't always be the most beautiful person according to the world and you will sometimes have to work through difficult times together. But Love CAN pull through as it did in this book. I love that.

2. I devoured this book. All 700+ pages of it. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I won't say that I couldn't put it down, but I read it in ~ 5 days which says something. I loved the story. If you read it as a fun fantasy story, it is thoroughly enjoyable. I made the connection recently between the Bella- Edward-Jacob Triangle on the Queen Guinevere-Arthur-Lancelot Love Triangle. A Time old story. If you like this story and want a more adult version of it I HIGHLY RECOMMEND: QUEEN OF CAMELOT by Nancy McKenzie

Disclaimer: this gives away the story:
I loved that things turned out. I love that Jacob imprinted in renesmee.... It helps the other books make a lot more sense. I felt some things could have been left out, making it a little shorter. The whole scene with the other werewolf thing. I've heard some people say that the pregnancy part was a little long... I thought it might have been, but that it was somewhat necessary because that's how pregnancy is. Maybe not a vampire pregnancy but they are long.... I wish that we could have gotten more into the heads of the cullen family. During the pregnant part where we got to be inside Jacob's head, I hated. I would have rather been in Edward's or Rosalie's or even Alice's or Carlisle's. II love the last chapter where Edward gets to have glimpses inside of Bella's head.

I Would LOVE to know what you thought of the book... if you've read it.

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Katie Nikolaus said...

I personally loved the book. i heard a lot of people say that they hated it and there were way too many things wrong with it, but I think they were over-analyzing it. I didn't really like how Jacob imprinted on Renesmee at first, I thought it was creepy...until she said how fast she would mature. I also think that maybe Stephenie Meyer will continue with Jacob's story since she said she's done with Bella's story. Oh, and I hate the name renesmee...that could've been so much better! Haha!


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