Monday, July 14, 2008

{the bachelorette}

I know it sounds crazy, but I was skeptical too. I thought the bachelorette would be a dumb lovey dovey tv show that had me absolutely turned off. I wasn't going to watch it, I thought it looked ridiculous. But my friends started watching it and one of them mentioned that the 'bachelorette' looked and had mannerisms a lot like me. I had to check it out. She said you could watch them online without the commercials which made it sound even better, thus I turned it on, while I folded laundry. My husband was almost weirded out by it.

So, Do you agree?

At first I was bummed that she picked Jesse, but after watching 'after the final rose' I can say I think that they will be really happy together. I do like Jesse, I just thought Jason was a better match. I hope Jesse can give her a full and happy life. I'm glad they announced a wedding date. YAY!!!!


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

Ha ha that is funny! I ALWAYS put a movie on to do laundry. Or a show or something.

I have friends who go ALL OUT for that show. WE don't have TV right now, so I havn't seen it, but It must be awesome.

We are never home long enough to enjoy tv... so... maybe someday when I am not working! :) that will be the day! :) I will have to sit down and watch this show!

Kimbo said...

woah! That is crazy. Those pics look freakishly similar. Basically you are famous. If you've read my posts I was obsessed with this show. Other seasons haven't been nearly as good, but this was the best one yet. I however was a Jesse fan from the beginning. Go Jesse!

Ryan and Genevieve said...

Go Bachelorette! I am glad you starting watching it with me! Now that you put the pictures side by side you do look alot like her! Love ya!


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