Tuesday, May 27, 2008

{the good side}

I still haven't finished but I thought I'd post the side that I love and really feel good about. It's supposed to be the winter side, It's still not quite finished but I thought I'd let you know that I really have accomplished something despite the tragic summer side. I'm also hoping to make some pillows to go along with it. I think my favorite part of this is the bunched up end. Right now I'm also keeping my eye out for some his and hers bed side dressers with a little more functionality than the ones we own. Also I would love small his and her lamps for our night time winding down. Right now we have a floor lamp, so Nate has to really stretch to turn it off. I feel so sad for him. :) What a trooper!

To get this effect - I sewed folds into the duvet cover and then stopped once it got towards the edge of the top of the bed. Then on the bottom of the hem. I used a really large stitch and pulled it through to bunch it up like you would a skirt or dress or poofy sleeves. I pulled it to be the same length as the top, ironed it flat so that it wouldn't maintain the folded creases and you get this! However it needs to be sewed to something else to maintain it's 'bunched up' shape. In this case it is sewn to the other side or rather the catastrophic summer side and voila! I love it!

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